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Oh my time flies so fast. I'm in 7th semester right now, which means closer to graduate (":



Things do change, right? University life are both joys and sorrows. And worse, my internet provider won't let me access mega for such a long time. It sucks (''': I'm struggling watching any K8 videos on Youtube subless. But thank God idk I can access mega again and I'm still in holiday mode. So, fangirling let's get started!(^0^)/*


Imagining Janiben's guest

Ok so I imagine, what if Janiben has :

1. Toda Erika as guest. Whoaaa, can you imagine how Hina will react? XD Janiben's producer, make this one comes true pleaseeeeee. It'll rise Janiben's rating, seriously.

2. Uchi Hiroki as guest. This would be priceless one (; Idk whether it'll end up being awkward or hilarious ((:

3. Arashi's member as guest. Daredemo. Arashi+Kanjani8 means double of fun<3

4. Me as guest XD Oke, I know this is extremely seriously impossible /: But, I'll make this one come true, during my sleep wkw (((:

Janiben's producer, make these come true pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Jun. 9th, 2014

sepertinya aku gak kuat nonton Clover ntar nek udah rilis. Tapi aku penasaran. Tapi kenapa harus Tatsu yang maennnn err-___________- *garuk-garuk aspal* dari sekian banyak aktor Jepang kenapa harus dia hiks. Semoga ero scenenya gak sevulgar komiknya.______. Gak baca komiknya sajake, tapi dari yg takdapet di Tumblr beberapa bag komiknya itu superduper ero--" Bukan ichiban-ku sih, tapi tapi tapi ya udah deh Tatsu semangat shooting-nya (y) <---padakne diwoco Tatsu



Thanks to God! I graduated from Highschool last week (': And more thanks to God, I've already got university! YEYEYEY~ Without any test (this is the reason why I'm such a couch-potato right now. I don't have anything to do hiks T________T um sebenernya aku berencana mau ngelem teh celup tapi ternyata tipu-tipu :" err) . What I'm doing from SNMPTN's announcement till now is fangirling._____.) um, btw, in Indonesia there are 3 ways to enter university.

First one is without-test-way called SNMPTN. We're selected only by our report card during highschool and our national exam result. This way is really competitive, since almost alllll of Indonesian highschool student take part on this way. And since this is the most comfortable way to get university. You don't have to study anymore. I enter university by this way, and I get into Medical Faculty where I choose Health and Nutrition for my major ^o^ YAHOOOOOOOOO~~

Second one is with-test-way called SBMPTN. This is common way to enter university. Yeah, with test. Pft thankfully I don't have to take this test. SBMPTN's question is waaaaaaaaaaaaay more difficult than national exam. Moreover, you get penalty score if your answer is wrong. SBMPTN seriously doesn't suit slothful person like me.___________.v

Third one is called UM. This way is with-test-way too. But the difference between SBMPTN and UM is the organizer. While SBMPTN is organized by government, UM is organized by university.

Ah can't wait for first day being freshman of university (: Bye highschool, thankyou for being such a wonderful moment, obviously these 3 years are memories I'd never forget (":

For all SBMPTN and UM fighters, GANBATTEEEEEE! DEKIRU YO! ( '-')9
Otanjoubi Omedetouuuu the baby of the Eito babies *\(^o^)/* *tebar pompom*
Warning : KAWAII-NESS and KAKKOII-NESS OVERLOAAAAAD~ (gaah Blondekura and Mustachekura is saikou desu ne~)

Note : These pictures are not mine! Credit to the owner.

Fun Trip~

Tanoshikatta^o^ We went to waterbooooom! Yes, after all those tiring exam-preparation-stuffs (study whole day, take course, additional school time, etc) and those stressing exams, we really need refreshing. Gaaah finally we got chance to scream as loud as we want!! Kinda throwing up aaall those exam-stuffs. Well, byebye relativity, Newton, endoterm reaction!



Yeaaaaaaah finally the exam is over! *\(^o^)/* The exam is oveeer~ And finally I got time to take care this account u,u phew.

I'm new Eighter, approximately 1 year I guess. Dan selama setaun sini harus bertahan dengan hanya mendapat update-an Eito dari Tumblr T.T *curhat* <--- tiba-tiba bahasa Indonesia. Muehehe, ja yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^^